FRA-UNIted's Record at RoboCup 2021

FRA-UNIted's Record at RoboCup 2021: An 8th place, a 2nd place, 171 goals shot, only 16 received. 21 matches won, 8 drawn, 5 lost.

The step ladder format in the final round allowed our team two climb one more rank by winning two further qualification games against MT (1:0) and Jyo_sen (2:0). Thus, FRA-UNIted finished RoboCup 2021 with an 8th place in the main competition and a silver medal in the technical challenge. Throughout the entire tournament and all its challenges and rounds, in total our team won 21 matches, lost 5 matches, and 8 matches were drawn. In so doing, our team scored 171 goals while receiving 16 goals.

A document containing listing all results of RoboCup 2021 can be found here. The picture above shows the current team members (T. Gabel, E. Godehardt, F. Sommer, S. Breuer, Y. Eren).