Bronze Medal for FRA-UNIted at RoboCup Asia Pacific 2021

With 6 victories, 2 draws, and 2 defeats (including a 0:0 draw against the current world champion), FRA-UNIted was happy to achieve the second place in the main round of this year's RoboCup Asia Pacific tournament, the second largest RoboCup event of the current season.

  • FRA-UNIted vs. opuHam 0:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. HTS (Helios) 0:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. Thunder 3:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. FiftyStorms 2:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. YuShan 0:4
  • FRA-UNIted vs. opuHam 1:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. HTS (Helios) 0:3
  • FRA-UNIted vs. Thunder 1:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. FiftyStorms 3:0
  • FRA-UNIted vs. YuShan 4:3

The last match in the list was a specifically exciting and thrilling one to watch. Therefore, we provide a video recording of it here.

In the final round using a step ladder format, our team lost 1:2 against YuShan and, thus obtained the Third Place in the final ranking. All results of the tournament can be found in this document.