Award "Hans-Messer-Preis" for the Best Bachelor Thesis of the Year

On February 28th, the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded Tobias Rohrer for his Bachelor thesis entitled "Gesture Recognition in Augmented Reality Settings Using Neural Networks". Among all submissions, Tobias Rohrer's thesis was standing out due to its novelty, significanca as well as due to the fact that the thesis' level of difficulty as well as its amount of work was significantly above the usual level of a Bachelor thesis.

Mr. Rohrer analysed the use of convolutional neural networks for recognizing hand gestures which were performed on the Microsoft HoloLens. A two-dimensional convolutional neural network and a three dimensional extension were drafted, implemented and evaluated. Since no gesture data set was available, 600 real gesture data from four different classes where created in real interaction with the Microsoft HoloLens.

The award was handed over to Mr. Rohrer in the context of the annual "Hans Messer Lecture" by the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry.