Virtual Reality on Smartphones: Students Release Yet Another VR App

As part of the fifth semester, studies in "Computer Science - Mobile Applications" let students engage in a larger-scale software project on mobile and distributed applications. As part of this term's course project course, a team of students selected the topic "Virtual Reality on Smartphones" and developed an Android App called Virtual Casino which has now been released for download on Google Play.

Virtual Casino lets the user enter a virtual gambling hall where he/she can interact with the environment either using head gestures or (if available) using gesture detection on the basis of a Leap Motion controller mounted to the required VR headset (e.g. Durovis Dive).

Main authors of this app are: Maurice Noll, Katarina Vrdoljak, Daniel Greibich and Imran Mirza.

The virtual casino is currently equipped with a table for playing "Four in a Row" (against an AI-based opponent), but is flexible for being extended by further tables later on. Visit the Play Store site of Virtual Casino.