Exam Dates Winter Term 2015/16

Frankfurt University's re-established robotic soccer simulation team, FRA-UNIted, is going to enter this year's qualification phase for the 2016 RoboCup World Championships Tournament which is going to take place in June/July 2016 in Leipzig (Germany).

FRA-UNIted competes in the RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulation League which is the oldest of all RoboCup soccer leagues. It is based on the RoboCup Soccer Simulator, a simulation software that enables two teams of 11 simulated autonomous robots plus an autonomous coach agent to play a game of soccer with very realistic rules and game play. The RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a very good research and educational tool for multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

While our team's infrastructure has been used regularly for teaching and educational purposes during recent terms, our team members are now going to participate in this year's championship tournaments. The qualification process involves several stages: While the initial registration requires the preparation of several technical documents, the actual qualification tournament will take place in late February. If our team succeeds in being among the 28 most successful teams during qualification, we will be allowed to register for and take part in the World Championships this summer. Cross your fingers!