New Computer Science Project

Robotic Soccer Simulation at FRA-UAS

The computer science project is an obligatory course for Computer Science Bachelor students in their 5th semester. In the upcoming winter term 2014/2015 a project on the topic of robotic soccer simulation (RoboCup) will be offered for the first time.

RoboCup is an international research initiative which aims at pushing research in robotics, agent technology, multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence. The RoboCup Federation annually organizes world championships tournaments where both, simulated as well as real robots in different sizes compete with one another playing soccer.
In this project, the students will get acquainted with an established RoboCup agent framework (soccer simulation 2D), will start working on smaller isolated soccer skill-like tasks, before they enter a medium-sized soccer simulation project. Excellent programming skills in C/C++ as well as advanced experience in working under Linux/Unix are strict prerequisites for this course.