New Course: Software Project "Mobile and Distributed Applications"

Virtual Reality on Smartphones (VR@S)

In the upcoming Winter term 2015/16 we will be offering a new course entitled "Virtual Reality on Smartphones" (VR@S) which is an elective subject for module 24 (Software Project "Mobile and Distributed Applications") for Bachelor students in "Computer Science - Mobile Applications".

In this project course, students will literally dive into the world of virtual reality. They will develop VR software and make it publicly available as mobile applications.

This project will take place in cooperation with our industry partner Durovis, the producers of the Dive. Dive is the original VR headset for mobile devices. It is a rugged nylon viewer for mobile devices featuring two adjustable lenses which project an image of the virtual scene into each eye. Using it, you experience a stereoscopic view that spans most of the visual field. Combined with Dive head-tracking software, this creates a fast and responsive VR experience using the gyroscope sensors of the device.